About Coaching

Each moment describes who you are and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.

— iPEC 


Therapy offers a valuable and in-depth exploration of past traumas and provides healing. Coaching fosters self-knowledge and takes a proactive approach to moving forward and achieving our goals.


  • Focuses on the present and future

  • Goal oriented and proactive

  • Works toward a higher level of functioning

  • Results-based and focuses on exploring solutions

  • Helps to understand the "how"

  • Coach and client collaborate on solutions

  • Contact between sessions expected (accountability)


  • Focuses on the past

  • Driven by unresolved issues and feelings

  • Works to achieve understanding and emotional healing

  • Explores the root of problems and offers explanation

  • Helps to understand the "why"

  • Therapist is the ‘expert’

  • Contact between sessions for crisis and difficulties only



Assessment allows to get a snapshot of what's going on under the surface right now. It does not define who you are, but shows your current state of being. It's like an X-Rey. Assessment gives us a tangible result – your unique blueprint. 


What is your destination? What do you want to achieve and why? Let's put some orienteers  on your road map.


Let's bring your personal experience and see what shapes you. We address your anxieties, fears, and doubts by rewiring how you think. Then we uncover your amazing transferable skills and abilities so you have a solid platform for your next move. The result an instant boost to your confidence.  


We create a vision,  brainstorm possible solutions, activate your intuition, explore and evaluate options, create a plan, and decide how you going to stay accountable.


Step by step we will build your ladder to desirable goal and help you to move up with confidence. We also will acknowledge and celebrate your wins, and support you through rough times. 

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