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About Coaching

"Relationships aren't about finding someone,

they are about finding yourself!"

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My mission as a coach is to encourage individuals to find their true purpose in dating and relationships and to also help couples grow together and achieve love and happiness in their partnerships.

This is only possible by growing inside-out and connecting with our true self. This connection involves self-work, self-care and awareness of who we really are!

I believe that the most successful model for a relationship is a “partnership!”

Neither men nor women default to a partnership; it is a conscious process involving self awareness, communication, and mutual growth. Partnerships result from conscious choices made in each moment. They are a victory of the human spirit. I'm here to  guide you in that process!

Dating and relationships are often impacted by previous negative experiences, causing fears, disappointments, and self-doubt to interfere with the love and connection we all seek. These thoughts keep our minds in the past and create a future based on those limiting thoughts and feelings. I can help you change that!

In order to approach dating and relationships with a healthier mindset, it's important to ask: What do I need to understand about myself before I start to look for another person in my life?​



Therapy offers a valuable and in-depth exploration of past traumas and provides healing. Coaching fosters self-knowledge and takes a proactive approach to moving forward and achieving our goals.


  • Focuses on the present and future

  • Goal oriented and proactive

  • Works toward a higher level of functioning

  • Results-based and focuses on exploring solutions

  • Helps to understand the "how"

  • Coach and client collaborate on solutions

  • Contact between sessions expected (accountability)


  • Focuses on the past

  • Driven by unresolved issues and feelings

  • Works to achieve understanding and emotional healing

  • Explores the root of problems and offers explanation

  • Helps to understand the "why"

  • Therapist is the ‘expert’

  • Contact between sessions for crisis and difficulties only

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