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Our clients are:

  • Professionals 

  • Financially stable 

  • Committed to finding love 

  • People who do not play games 

  • Emotionally available

Certified Professional Matchmaker

Tawkify is a matchmaking company, not a "dating site". That means humans – not machines – will pick your matches, and we'll use your profile information and photo in that process. We'll never share your identity, profile, or private information.

How does it work?

Step 1. Create a Tawkify profile for $99 per year.

Step 2. I will follow up with you and we make your profile look great!

Step 3. When your profile is selected as a potential match for our clients, matchmakers will contact you to schedule a 20 min video call to make sure it's a fit for both people.

Step 4. If it's a match, a matchmaker will plan your date. Our dates are BLIND. We do not share pictures of our clients or members, we match people based on their priorities, preferences, and lifestyle. 

Step 5. You go on a date with our client and if it's a "yes-yes" match, we will do a phone number exchange.


"Anna is attentive, diligent, and a good listener. I felt like she was really able to hear what I wanted from our first conversation and was then very transparent about her approach to working toward that. Her communication about progress aligned with what I asked for, and she was a great judge of character for my first match." - C.H.

"HEY, Anna! You did it! Michelle is beyond amazing! So into her and more chemistry than I could have imagined two people could share. Life changing for both of us. Never felt like this. So much Anna gratitude! Thanks for checking in! We always say we have to let Anna know what she did for us! You made quite the call! Hope you have a great summer and feel good about filling our lives with love." - C. F.

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