Dating & Relationship Coaching

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Are you ready to uncover and release limiting beliefs about relationships? Do you want to experience true love and connection with your partner?

Most coaches teach you how to behave on a date and offer strategies to attract desirable people. This approach is far too superficial and inauthentic, encouraging you to be  someone you're not. 


​Relationship coaching can help you bring your best and most authentic self to relationships by connecting to the core of who you are. 


My goal is to create a community of people who is not afraid to be open and vulnerable. Authenticity and conscious awareness are keys to creating relationships full of love and happiness. These qualities help to resolve conflicts effectively, set boundaries, and respect each other's values.  


Layer by layer we peel away limiting beliefs about relationships, and brick by brick we build a foundation for conscious partnerships. 

Relationships aren't about finding someone,

they are about finding yourself!


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What are benefits from working with a coach?

  • Breaking through plateaus in life

  • Achieving specific goals 

  • Staying accountable

  • Be challenged to be better

  • Establish lifelong positive habits

  • Removing obstacles on a way to success

Due to Covid19 restrictions, some large events are temporarily on hold. Options for small in-person gatherings with proper social distancing measures are available. Best Self Studio is also pleased to offer remote and telephonic sessions for individuals and couples. Please email me at to schedule an appointment or to notify me of your interest in upcoming events!


My mission as a coach is to encourage individuals to find their true purpose in dating and relationships and to also help couples grow together and achieve love and happiness in their partnerships.

This is only possible by growing inside-out and connecting with our true self. This connection involves self-work, self-care and awareness of who we really are!

I am looking for like-minded people who are passionate about exploring and creating truth in relationships that work. I believe that the most successful model for a relationship is a “partnership!”

Neither men nor women default to a partnership; it is a conscious process involving self awareness, communication, and mutual growth. Partnerships result from conscious choices made in each moment. They are a victory of the human spirit. I'm here to help guide you in that process!

Dating and relationships are often impacted by previous negative experiences, causing fears, disappointments, and self-doubt to interfere with the love and connection we all seek. These thoughts keep our minds in the past and create a future based on those limiting thoughts and feelings. We can help you change that!

In order to approach dating and relationships with a healthier mindset, it's important to ask: What do I need to understand about myself before I start to look for another person in my life?​

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