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Anna Morgan Dating & Relationship Coach

A Former Dating & Relationship Coach for the # 1 Matchmaking Company in the US.

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • Dating & Relationship Coach

  • Founder of Best Self Studio 

  • Dating Profile Photographer

  • Certified Matchmaker

Hey there, I'm Anna Morgan, a Dating & Relationship Coach!


I made the leap from Eastern Europe to the US when I was 28, and let me tell you, it's been quite the ride. Growing up abroad gave me this awesome mix of cultural perspectives that I bring to the table in everything I do.


I've kinda taken the best from both sides of the pond - embracing the hustle of America while cherishing the traditions of Europe. When it comes to relationships, I've got a knack for blending the old school with the new age, finding that sweet spot between tradition and progress.


As a dating and relationship coach, I've had the privilege of working with amazing clients from all over the country, both privately and in a corporate setup. Plus, I've got the coaching chops to back it up, getting my certification back in 2018.


When I'm not busy helping people find love, you'll find me at home with my soul mate Chris, and our son Max. My interests span psychology, world traveling, photography, design, history, and exploring cultures. My life is a tapestry of experiences, enriched by the people I meet and the stories we share.


So if you're ready to meet a dating and relationship coach with a fresh perspective, I'm your person. Let's do this!

Anna Morgan Coaching Introduction to Psychology Yale
Anna Morgan Certified Professional Coach Relationship Coaching
Anna Morgan Certified Professional Coach Relationship Coaching


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