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"I had many conversations with Anna and it always impressed me how precise she can connect different pieces to create a whole picture of the situation. She is an excellent listener and a very wise person. Anna is a great resource if you need life improvement!" 


"Anna is an intuitive, compassionate, and authentic coach.  From our first coaching session together, Anna helped me clarify my thoughts on all aspects of my life, encouraged me to challenge my own beliefs and empowered me to face difficult issues straight on.   Anna uses thought-provoking techniques to help bring the bright light into hidden corners of fear and avoidance. Working with Anna, I was able to bring sustainable, healthy changes to my life and relationships.  She has a true gift to connect with people and I am so grateful to have met her."


Anna has been invaluable in my journey of self-healing and growth. In our work together, she has consistently demonstrated compassion and wisdom, offering a safe space to discuss difficult things, helping me to build my self-confidence and to nurture my skills, pursue my passions, and live my best life. She is a good listener and an old soul who I know I can count on to guide and support me in my journey. Anna brings expertise and professionalism to her work along with a deep sense of acceptance and spiritual maturity. I am truly grateful to have found her and will forever appreciate the work we've done together.


I am a coach myself, and very picky with choosing people to work with. Especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as dating and relationships. I did multiple sessions with Anna, and I loved it! She became an ideal mentor and guide for me: gentle, patient, attentive, grounded and incredibly clear minded. She was able to help me during the most confusing, emotional, and vulnerable times, and I'll be forever grateful for that. Highly recommend Anna to anyone who is in need for support, guidance, and - loving and steady presence! 


Hi, Anna! I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of the perspective you’ve given me and time we’ve shared with coaching this past year! It’s been THAT long! Being a coach is such a rewarding experience, and we can certainly feel the progress of our clients’ success when we see them fulfilling their goals and dreams. But, at the client end, which is what we have, I am truly grateful for the weekly sessions at your studio. The past year has been difficult for us all, and being in quarantine has been difficult for most people. Because of our work together, that has made the incremental transitions from a completely closed city and society to having some of that freedom to come and go so much easier, and I truly value that work of you as my coach! Being able to meet in person, socially distanced as well as been a HUGE thing for me as well. In fact, it was a very important factor for me in keeping the faith in what we were all enduring and that eventually, we can all begin to enjoy the little things in life that make us happy and human. Thank you so much for being the coach I needed. Oh, one last thing! I can’t wait to start utilizing your Best Self Studio for my own needs, so THANK YOU for that immeasurable opportunity! I’ve recommended your coaching and your offer for space at your studio to others, so I hope we can all benefit from that soon.

Ashley S.

Anna was extremely helpful - our conversations helped me see my previous dating blindspots and/or pointed out areas that when improved upon would significantly enhance my dating experience.

Ari A.

Anna spoke to me so knowledgeable and was able to understand me more deeply. She clicked so well with my expectations and her feedback has been very practical and fit for purpose. She brings a very helpful cultural background to the table and I could't be any happier. I was honored to work with Anna. 

Paul P.

I learned about my attachment style and the potential cause of my love bombing. Anna's approach was outstanding!

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