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Why do I need a life coach?

Updated: Mar 20

For me, coaching is a tool of self-care. Like every morning I look at the mirror and make myself ready for the day, same way my personal life coach holds an invisible mirror and helps me to get ready for a week.

What do I see in the reflection of my coaching mirror?

Life coach

I see myself without a mask. I learn to love myself without a mask. I can stand up for myself when I am without my mask. I do not wear a mask anymore.

I see my fears. I see an army of critics behind my back. I know they are trying to protect me and I thank them for that... but I don't need them anymore.

I see my vulnerability. I see a person who is tired and broken sometimes, but who is still able to trust.

I see my strengths. I see big strong wings behind my back. I stand my ground, I can support myself.

I see a person who is complete and full and who has resources to share with others. A person who has compassion for those who are not there yet.

Every week with my life coach I see something new. Sometimes it's ugly, sometimes it's beautiful. But it's all living and breathing me.

It is interesting with a coach, but only if it's interesting for you to be with yourself.


Anna Morgan, a dating coach, guides young men who are overwhelmed by the dating app maze in finding authentic, meaningful relationships. She offers 1:1 coaching sessions, as well as empowering dating profile photos for online presence. Contact Anna and schedule a free discovery call with a dating expert. See you on the bright side of dating!

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