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Power of appreciation

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered at my son's art class. There were no art projects that day, but kindergartners were presenting their work in front of the class. Each kid was supposed to tell what he or she liked about their work, then the teacher was telling her favorite things about it and then one of the classmates was giving positive feedback. For me, it wasn't an art class. For me, it was a class of kindness and appreciation, and I was happy that my son has an opportunity to experience it at the age of five. I remembered my childhood in Russian culture when saying good words was not appropriate, but shaming in front of people was a very common tool of discipline. As a result, standing in front of the audience and using my voice is an enormous challenge for me. Appreciation is a powerful tool for developing self-esteem. High self- esteem gives us wings to live our best life. When we appreciate men, it inspires them to do more, to be more, to provide more. It drives them to be their best self. It activates their power to love and care. When we appreciate women, it gives them the power to be themselves, to be free from inner criticism and self-doubt. It allows them to be more in touch with their spirit and activates their power to love and to care. Appreciation is the wind in our sales. If we shift our focus and start positively noticing what other people can do, create and express, our own life can change it's course from being just fine to being fantastic!

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