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Tides of Relationships

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Relationships are like the ocean; there are high tides and low tides.

When we are at our highs, we feel happy, engaged, connected, and safe. We are resourceful and can give much of ourselves to our partner. We share passion, intimacy, and fun. We can also use that energy to create and move things forward.

When we are at our low tide, we feel vulnerable and closed. We have doubts, fears, and the future seems dark and uncertain. Low tides expose what's been hiding underneath the surface. We can walk on the wet sand and explore what has been exposed.

We can examine what was hidden below the surface or just sit and wait until the high tide covers it again; it's our choice.

But what if instead of trash, we find shiny treasures that were lost long ago? What if we could be courageous with our partner and go there, discovering valuable things to bring home? We all live under the moon, the stars, and the higher energies of this world. We all have high tides and low tides and it's not always up to us to change our physical or emotional response to them.

But we can choose not to run from uncomfortable feelings but instead, explore them, embrace them, and find new meaning within them.

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